Who is R.A.L?

Yo Yo yo!! What up my name is Rhiana Alana Lewis, aka R.A.L I was born and raised in a pretty ghetto style life in Sylmar/San Fernando area. 
Raised with 6 other siblings growing up (a total of 11 siblings to date) was pretty difficult in the financial regions, so toys, and extra stuff really wasn't in our agenda. (nor was a second bathroom) However playing outside and using our imaginations was, and this is how I became a singer/musician.  I can recall to this day forcing my family to watch whatever song it was that I had made up , whilst dancing with a mop ha!

Ever singing, and loving music I didn't really realize that I was a musician until i picked up my first guitar. My step father was gifted a guitar for his birthday, and whilst he was away at work, I began picking it up and playing it. Curious how even then after never playing guitar, it felt so natural to me. He eventually gave me that guitar (Carlos) and I made that thing my husband. After learning how to shred on guitar, and basically kick ass and take names, I wanted to learn how to play other instruments. So I did, self taught too baby! Practice makes perfect! Literally hole yourself up in a room for a few months and practice music, then watch what happens. With pure love, passion and the grace of God I can play multiple instruments proficiently. 

So I continued in the musical world, starting playing my first shows as an acoustic act at local coffee shop Buffalo Bruces in Sylmar, Ca. From then I was in all kinds of projects, here are my main babes  (bae ) from the years.





I played in so many different genres, so many different shows all over California and parts of Oregon, Florida /Bahamas.  But I realized at a certain point that it was really hard for me to always be working with others, because I had so much music inside me, and I could play ALL the instruments. SO I decided to invest in my own equipment and start recording my own stuff. Making electronic music was a big dream of mine, although I was always playing in bands and rock music, I LOVE electronic music and was really itching to play in that genre. 

I met producer David Alexander and that was where my path into the electronic world really got started. David had heard me play and had a plethora of techno tracks in mind for me to sing on. We met and and from there started writing techno and house tracks. Our writing was really fun, we would spend 8 hours a day or more writing beats , loops, melodies etc, but we never really finished anything to release. This went on for a year, and then I went to work for a cruise line on a ship for three months in the Bahamas /Florida and things changed vastly for the better. 

While I was away, both David and I continued to write music. While I was away I felt a series of emotions that was like one of the craziest roller coasters that I have EVER ridden. From utter happiness to fear and sadness in a days time, it led to me writing A LOT of poetry as well as music. Since you work 10 hours a day 7 days a week on the ship, I was left to sing instead of play instruments and ended up write many a cappella songs.

When I got home from the ship, I purchased what I needed to record and began to write furiously recording every part, vocals, beats, live instruments and then sent the music to David. He was inspired by the music right away and fixed it up for me, added sounds beats, effects, and when he sent it back to me I about fell off of my chair. I LOVED it. Thus SOLAS-safety of life at sea (a story of life at sea ) was born. I decided it would be the first album I would release as a solo artist, and I would feature David Alexander on every single one.  

The first song that I decided to release was the track -The WKND , and I decided what better way to release it then with an awesome video! 

The Lyrics and melody for "The WKND" were written a cappella while I was living aboard the cruise ship. When I got home, David presented me with an instrumental that he had written. When I listened to it, it went perfect with the lyrics/melody that I had written! We knew this song was a hit and decided that it would be the first single that we would release. 



The rest of SOLAS will be released later this year. Some day also we will be releasing some techno -house tracks I promise !!! RIGHT DAVID?? lol 

SO Who is R.A.L? RAL is me! Just some regular ass chick that has been gifted with the talents to play music. I truly believe that we all have some gift or something that we are good at and meant to do while we are alive!!

Using your talents IS giving back to world, and its what we were meant to do to live harmoniously! If we were all doing what we were good at, and meant to do The World would be a happier place. But following your dreams is hard these days, and I See that it is hard to believe in your self and take that leap. But I truly believe that because this is what I WAS MEANT for , that I WILL make it.

So follow me as I fight my ass off for what I believe in and what I love. I do my own songwriting, booking, managing, promoting, you name it!! If you want to help me too, and do any of the above things let me know! 

" To know your purpose, is to have one. " ,  "Life is not worth living, without something to die for. " -R.A.L

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  • Lupe G.

    Lupe G. San Fernando/ Pacoima

    I remember Kunundrum from the backyard shows! You all were rad!

    I remember Kunundrum from the backyard shows! You all were rad!

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