Leaving on a Jet Plane !

Today I will board a plane and fly to Europe with my very best friend Rebecca. The initial plan was just for adventure. Then stuff got serious! Rebecca will be running a marathon in Berlin to raise money for the Farm sanctuary! She has also added some half marathons along the rest of the trip. Ill be doing a 6k in portugal, and perhaps a half marathon with her in Italy. Because...why not right??

We are visiting 10 countries, In two months. Here is the awesome list below 
Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Beligium ,Ireland, and London! Phew what a long list right? So awesome! This is definitly a dream come true for the both of us. My plan is to bring my ukulele (uku-bay-bay) and busk in the streets of every country that we go to. I am also in the midsts of trying to find some shows and open mic nights. 

I met loads of people last time I was touring in Europe. This time we get to stay with some of those people and reunite! 

Our frist stop is Berlin, Germany where we will stay for 6 days. I am gearing up my heart to get ready for the 16 hour flight that is ahead of me. I have done these long flight before, but its really not something that I get used to! I can't really sleep on the plane, so I will probably watch a zillion movies and take advantage of the free alcohol served ;) 

I wil post every single country i go to ! so stay tuned ya ll! 

Until we meet in Berlin :) 

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