European Tour Announced!!!!

I am so VERY excited to announce that come Feb 2015 I will be heading on tour to Europe! 

My 5 song EP -S.O.L.A.S-Safety of Life At Sea will be in stores come January 2015, and that means I need to get on the road and show people this music!! 
I have lived in California my whole entire life almost, with a few stints living in other zones. But as ever , I have been playing shows, promoting, booking, managing and all that jazz trying to make it in the music industry over here. 

Ive decided its time for a change of pace for me, and to try and make it or break it in Europe. I will be living in Amsterdam for 3 months, and playing shows ALL over Europe and the UK  I have a few dates already, but more details will be released as dates are confirmed. I leave Feb 5th and come back May 5th :)

Please stay tuned as I venture upon another journey across seas to try and follow my dreams as a musician! My ultimate goal is to play music and travel while spreading hope , joy and love! That is exactly what I get to do and I am SO stoked! I appreciate you keeping me in your prayers and thoughts, and keep my songs in your musical devices :) 

Special thanks to Lillipop Fauxtography for the photo used on the flyer below, as well as al the photos I have used as R.A.L! She is truly an amazing and gifted artist :)

Until next time!!! 

Rhiana Alana Lewis

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