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Oh Amsterdam old friend! What a great adventure it was to visit. We left Berlin and arrived to Amsterdam Monday evening.  

As soon as we get in head out in the town. We visit a few different spots, bars, etc and see a little of Amsterdam. We stayed with one of Rebeccas friends Fred his room mate Paul. It was a nice place, but had three immediately intimidating set of stairs for us to lug a lot of luggage up. Backpacking in Europe has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest problems of travel is lugging all your stuff everywhere. It's nice to settle in someone for a few days without having to pack up over and over again.  
I find already I just basically where the same clothes, and realy don't care much what I look like at this point. I'm enjoying traveling, and the freedom that comes with it. Including the freedom on wearing same clothes, and delaying showering lol  

In our first night were invited back to one of Rebeccas friends places . A gentlemen there asked  me to play some guitar for him. I felt like playing guitar so I agreed. As soon as we got there the guy was like can you play " blah blah blah" I'm like who?!? Then he Jews making suggestions of songs for me to play and I've never heard of them ever. So I look it up on the Internet and try to play some version of a song for him . The 30 something Dutch guy was cracking me up. He then just started singing and wanted me to play along with that. As a musician I would have been annoyed, but I just found it funny he was trying so hard to get me to sing a song i had never ducking heard of. Around 3 in the morning we trudge back to our place and sleep some great sleep.  

The next day is all about finding some bikes to ride. Fred had a broken bike he wants to fix at his shop so we head there. Fred along with some other dudes run this really dope lighting company. Where they actually build structures and cool things with lights that have remotes that control them. They rent them out to clubs, and festivals etc. the set the lights to go along with music, or let the crowd use the remotes and change the colors / Timing. We arrive to his shop and it's an awesome site. It's a dry big wharehouse where multiple artists share and just have thier own little creative space. From cooking to fashion. We spent hours ( it felt like) trying to get that bike working to no prevail. We eventually end up renting bikes. Grab some food and have lunch at the park . There are so many parks in Amsterdam, and it's a very nice day. The sun has been out which is a miracle this time of year in Amsterdam. It seems Becca and I  brought the sun with us . We spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the park. Man comes up and wants to play my ukulele I let him  

Next day busking doesn't go so well. I'm supposed to try and make some money but really no one has stopped but one man who gave me a euro. People are for sure tripping out in my ukulele though. Many people in Amsterdam and Germany hadn't seen a ukulele before. 
After hanging out for about 30 mins in the center at Amsterdam, we decide to go grab a beer and just chill.  
We're sitting there talking when some guys from Texas start chatting with us, and then a couple from San Fran . It was a whole American crew! We sat there for an a hour just talking. We end up getting along very well with the girls we met and end up inviting them on the boat ride we are going on . 
Rebecca has a few friends who run a boat company  called " those dam boat guys" and it's pretty cool. Since it was just us it was a casual . The boat could fit 11 people and there were 7 of us. The capital his gf and another dude. We spent hours boating around the canals, having a swell time laughing talking. I even had my ukulele with me. So I stood in the front of the boat and sang song after song. People outside the canals really liked it as well. I figured out how to play " part of that world" the little mermaid song, and we all were belting it at the top of our lungs . We watched the sunset over the water, and saw beautiful pink orange hues it was so breathtaking.  Only issues was having to pull over to pee. I we hung or with our new friends for the remainder of the evening. It was so fun def a bug highlight of Amsterdam.  
That night we went to an open jam  where anyone who wants can jump in and play an insrument. I don't end up playing , but some Guy asked me to play outside. He then begin yelling to everyone around that I was awesome and that they should give me all of thier money. Everyone around started giving money and j ended up with 20 euros!! It was dope. 

The next day was show day! Last time I came to Amsterdam I played at a place called CC Muziek cafe. The owner Rene a super nice dude, likes to sing karaoke between bands sets from behind the bar. A few times I played or just hung out at his bar, so when I hit him up asking him to play he agreed. I went early to prepare myself mentally. Rene was there setting up the bar, so I helped him clean up and stock as we chatted.  
I started my set off with about 6 ukulele songs, all songs I've written since May. I intended to play some guitar / piano songs when a guy came up saying he wanted to beat box with me. I've played with a beat boxer before so I just started playing those songs. Boy was it neato! I continued on to play the piano as well and did about another 30 minutes just playing songs with this beat boxer. The crowd was chill, Rebecca had brought a bunch of her old friends to gather there. Aside from that they had a jam night planned after my set , so there were a bunch of musicians there . We all stuck aroundor watch the jam afterward. A girl who tap danced played with the band it was really neato  
afterward we took a walk and just sat at the canal chatting and looking at ducks.  It was our last night in Amsterdam. Time was going fast but it was so fun.  

Travel to Portugal ... I really don't like flying 

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