About Rhiana Alana Lewis

Rhiana Alana Lewis is a music composer and creative coordinator from the greater Los Angeles valley.  She was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley where she picked up her first instrument, guitar. 


Rhiana careers started at a young age, preforming in the back yard dancing and singing with mops and brooms. She eventually taught her self how to play guitar, and started to play coffee shops just a year into playing. She knew that she was destined to write music, and to preform. Her first band was an all girl band punk band called Kunundrum , she played played guitar, and sang and wrote the songs, and bass lines. 


From there she was in another Local valley band called "Tremellow" she continued to write songs, and play piano with them. But she also wrote acoustic folk music all the while. She released an EP that is lost forever to the world called "Capo Soul". 


She went on to play guitar, and do lead vocals for "Johnny Got A Lighter" for four years.The band released two albums , an EP "JGAL" and a full length  called "Johnny Got A Lighter". 


After many years in the rock world, Rhiana decided that she would leave the band world to pursue the electronic world. She met up with past co-worker by chance, David Alexander Portillo , who is a Dj /Producer /Song Writer. The rest was history. They have released and EP "S.O.L.A.S", and toured Europe with the album. Their music was signed to Bunim and Associates and received placement on reality television. They are currently recording a full length album that will be released later this year. The duo also remixes others music together , and create jingles which you can find in the music section .


Rhiana played and taught herself how to play guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, and percussion as well as sing. After years of playing on her own, she decided to go back to school to refine herself musical,y, to learn how to read. She studied classical and jazz guitar, as well as mainly music composition. She plays myriad of instruments , and has been featured on multiple tracks in different genres. She has a library of many songs that she has written herself for your consideration. 


Rhiana also teaches music lessons at Lluvia Y Fuego Mariachi Music Academy. She teaching Workshops on how to write your own songs, and ukulele. She also teaches beginner and intermediate guitar, and piano.