Our Story

Rhiana Alana Lewis aka R.A.L is a self taught musician, who has been playing for more then half of her life. 
RAL got her start singing in the church choir, and plays, as well as in school. Outside of that she was always singing, creating musicals as a kid and forcing her family to watch. 

As she grew up, music was always a massive part of her life. She eventually taught herself how to play guitar, and from there bass,piano, drums and of course vocals. She played in a myriad of groups, from punk rock bands in high school, to ska rock band in her later years. Although she loved to play rock and folk music, there was a BIG side of her that  REALLY liked electronic music. She attended many events in the Los Angeles underground from deep house to techno music. The underground is where she fell in love  and decided that she needed to try another genre. 

She actively sought out a DJ that would allow her to sing vocals and play live instruments on their beats. Mikey Velasquez (of HAWT music) would be the first one to let her try.  The very first song "Memories" that they duo recorded together ended up doing pretty well, being featured on Mikeys album,  played on BBC1 radio, and featured it on a mix tape that received tens of thousands of listens on sound cloud. 


R.A.L wanted to continue to make tracks with a DJ, and was still on the hunt for more musicians to jam with. For many years RAL has worked as a lifeguard in Southern California and had met David Alexander Portillo a fellow musician. They decided to try and jam together, David creating beats and RAL playing live instruments, like guitar and piano as well as singing. 

The session went so well, that they decided from then on they would be a duo. After months of creating music, R.A.L up and decided to travel the world while living /working on a cruise ship. While she was away, she wrote many songs, and so did David. When she finally returned months later, they had their work set out for them. Although they had both written music separately, the craziest thing happened; the melody and lyrics RAL wrote a capella while wandering and singing in the ships halls, turned out to fit PERFECTLY with one of the instrumental tracks David had written. Thus the song "The WKND" was born. The entire album ended up being based on R.A.L's adventures while she was away at sea. They decided to take that song, and all the others they had written while being separated and call it "S.O.L.A.S- Safety Of Life At Sea"  named after a training that RAL had taken on the cruise ship.

The video for "The Wknd" was released on mtv.com, and received thousands of views. "S.O.L.A.S" was released in January of 2014 along with a massive EP release/tour kick off show. R.A.L toured Europe for three months visiting 6 different countries and playing in a myriad of venues. The tour was a great success as R.A.L made many fans from all over the world and met lots of connections for future shows. The album was picked recently picked up by a licensing company and it awaiting television features . "S.O.L.A.S"  is also being currently being considered for major television placement.

R.A.L spent her time in Europe not only playing shows, but wrote a slew of more songs. R.A.L and David Alexander are currently in the studio recording a full length album that will be released early next year. A tour is being planned as well, in the united states as well as the return to Europe. 


R.A.L Live

Watching R.A.L Live is like combing an electronic show and a rock show

into one. David is behind the DJ booth, but also singing back up vocals,

and playing instruments. R.A.L sings and dances wildly while playing guitar

and piano live on top of the beats. The duo also likes to remix songs, and

have worked with many different artists in a myriad of genres. Don’t be

surprised if you hear them play a deep house feeling song one second and

go straight into rapping on a hip hop track next