R.A.L (Rhiana Alana Lewis ) is an electronic /Electro Pop singer songwriter from Los Angeles, California.

 R.A.L got her start as a solo artist first and foremost being featured as a collaborator with Dj Mikey V. The idea to sing on top of an electronic track was her dream , she had seen Mikey play at many underground shows in Los Angeles . He agreed to let her sing on some of his instrumental tracks, and the song "Memories" was born,

RAL has releaseand album " SOLAS"   a balance between live instruments as well as electronic beats and loops, creating a new genre R.A.L likes to call "rock-tronic". It has the elements (live guitar , raw vocals) and structure of a rock song, but also has all the elements an electronic pop song would have.
R.A.L toured Europe from Feb-May of 2015 playing in 6 different countries Amsterdam, Portugal, London, Ireland, Hungary and Germany. She made tons of fans and itneds to conutine on tour after recording their next album to be released the end of 2017z 


Amsterdam !  

Sorry for the delay!! Here is some about


Oh Amsterdam old friend! What a great adventure it was to visit. We left Berlin and arrived to Amsterdam Monday evening.  

As soon as we get in head out in the town. We visit a few different spots, bars, etc and see a little of Amsterdam. We stayed with one of Rebeccas friends Fred his room mate Paul. It was a nice place, but had three immediately intimidating set of stairs for us to lug a lot of luggage up. Backpacking in Europe has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest problems of travel is lugging all your stuff everywhere. It's nice to settle in someone for a few days without having to pack up over and over again.  
I find already I just basically where the same clothes, and realy don't care much what I look like at this point. I'm enjoying traveling, and the freedom that comes with it. Including the freedom on wearing same clothes, and delaying showering lol  

In our first night were invited back to one of Rebeccas friends places . A gentlemen there asked  me to play some guitar for him. I felt like playing guitar so I agreed. As soon as we got there the guy was like can you play " blah blah blah" I'm like who?!? Then he Jews making suggestions of songs for me to play and I've never heard of them ever. So I look it up on the Internet and try to play some version of a song for him . The 30 something Dutch guy was cracking me up. He then just started singing and wanted me to play along with that. As a musician I would have been annoyed, but I just found it funny he was trying so hard to get me to sing a song i had never ducking heard of. Around 3 in the morning we trudge back to our place and sleep some great sleep.  

The next day is all about finding some bikes to ride. Fred had a broken bike he wants to fix at his shop so we head there. Fred along with some other dudes run this really dope lighting company. Where they actually build structures and cool things with lights that have remotes that control them. They rent them out to clubs, and festivals etc. the set the lights to go along with music, or let the crowd use the remotes and change the colors / Timing. We arrive to his shop and it's an awesome site. It's a dry big wharehouse where multiple artists share and just have thier own little creative space. From cooking to fashion. We spent hours ( it felt like) trying to get that bike working to no prevail. We eventually end up renting bikes. Grab some food and have lunch at the park . There are so many parks in Amsterdam, and it's a very nice day. The sun has been out which is a miracle this time of year in Amsterdam. It seems Becca and I  brought the sun with us . We spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the park. Man comes up and wants to play my ukulele I let him  

Next day busking doesn't go so well. I'm supposed to try and make some money but really no one has stopped but one man who gave me a euro. People are for sure tripping out in my ukulele though. Many people in Amsterdam and Germany hadn't seen a ukulele before. 
After hanging out for about 30 mins in the center at Amsterdam, we decide to go grab a beer and just chill.  
We're sitting there talking when some guys from Texas start chatting with us, and then a couple from San Fran . It was a whole American crew! We sat there for an a hour just talking. We end up getting along very well with the girls we met and end up inviting them on the boat ride we are going on . 
Rebecca has a few friends who run a boat company  called " those dam boat guys" and it's pretty cool. Since it was just us it was a casual . The boat could fit 11 people and there were 7 of us. The capital his gf and another dude. We spent hours boating around the canals, having a swell time laughing talking. I even had my ukulele with me. So I stood in the front of the boat and sang song after song. People outside the canals really liked it as well. I figured out how to play " part of that world" the little mermaid song, and we all were belting it at the top of our lungs . We watched the sunset over the water, and saw beautiful pink orange hues it was so breathtaking.  Only issues was having to pull over to pee. I we hung or with our new friends for the remainder of the evening. It was so fun def a bug highlight of Amsterdam.  
That night we went to an open jam  where anyone who wants can jump in and play an insrument. I don't end up playing , but some Guy asked me to play outside. He then begin yelling to everyone around that I was awesome and that they should give me all of thier money. Everyone around started giving money and j ended up with 20 euros!! It was dope. 

The next day was show day! Last time I came to Amsterdam I played at a place called CC Muziek cafe. The owner Rene a super nice dude, likes to sing karaoke between bands sets from behind the bar. A few times I played or just hung out at his bar, so when I hit him up asking him to play he agreed. I went early to prepare myself mentally. Rene was there setting up the bar, so I helped him clean up and stock as we chatted.  
I started my set off with about 6 ukulele songs, all songs I've written since May. I intended to play some guitar / piano songs when a guy came up saying he wanted to beat box with me. I've played with a beat boxer before so I just started playing those songs. Boy was it neato! I continued on to play the piano as well and did about another 30 minutes just playing songs with this beat boxer. The crowd was chill, Rebecca had brought a bunch of her old friends to gather there. Aside from that they had a jam night planned after my set , so there were a bunch of musicians there . We all stuck aroundor watch the jam afterward. A girl who tap danced played with the band it was really neato  
afterward we took a walk and just sat at the canal chatting and looking at ducks.  It was our last night in Amsterdam. Time was going fast but it was so fun.  

Travel to Portugal ... I really don't like flying 

Berlin , Germany! The Euro Trip Begins  


Berlin ,Germany!  

Wow what a place. I have been to Berlin before only for a really quick stint , so I don't feel I got to really enjoy it as much as I did this time.  
Berlin was our first destination on the start of a two month journey around Europe . 
We flew on Turkish airlines, which is actually a great airline. Nice flight attendants, good food, and there was plenty of room.decent flights! Aside from the baby who screamed for like 45 mins) 
I have flown at least 20+ times, I really have no idea how many, and I still grip the sides of my seats in fear as any turbulence hits the plane. I keep a steady eye on the flight attendants, if I see them panic I'll panic. So many times have I said multiple prayers to the Lord, or written my final letters to my family convinced it was over. Yet still always land safely. So I go into the "convincing myself I'm paranoid, and stressing won't help blah blah "and eventually I calm down. This series on repeat for many hours. Lol  

We finally arrive after almost 24 hours of travel to our hostel in Berlin called 36 Rooms. A hostel we later found out was in the center of everything. We drop off our stuff and decide to walk around. The first bar we see ,called " Travolta" cheep beer on tap. I pay 3 euros for a massive mug of beer and play foos ball for a while. Finding the river was our first task and we wandered for a long while tying to find it. Walking under a bridge once we hit the river , we see a big group of homeless people living there. Sleeping bag clad, the steady stench of BO rising from their Midsts. As we walked by ,we were surprised as no one hassled us for money. But happy none the less. Eventually we returnees to our hostel room, where we hardly slept.  

We were finally here, in Europe. Rebecca and I have been friends for 20 years, she lived for two years in Europe and I never went to visit her. It always seemed so Impossible in my mind to be able to go there. I went for three months last year alone, and when I got the opportunity to come with Becca for 2 months I jumped at it.  

Our second day was quite eventful, we swam at an indoor pool ( that even had a wave pool inside) as a lifeguard I was very stressed to see that Germany has VERY different pool rules then America. You are allowed to run , dive in the shallows and pretty much act like a maniac. As a lifeguard of 8 years I was wanted to yell ,"walk! No horseplay! "It kind of sucks when those things are bred into you. Berlin has many indoor pools, and a good swim culture I was very happy to hear. 

After a good swimming, we headed back to lunch, then off to rent bikes. Templehofer airport is an abandoned airport that was built during Nazi Germany.  
We went on a bike adventure to it, 3.5 miles later we were there. The airport is massive, and since its closing has been turned into a park. The park was full of cyclists , rollerbladers, runners, skaters, everyone just adventuring around the place. It was a delight spending hours riding not our bike there and eventually catching the sunset. I did however get a flat tire and had to try asking people if they had a bike pump! Impossible with the language barrier as they zoomed past us. Eventually we found one, and found my bike was unfixable so we rode 3.5 miles home on a flat tire. Back to Travolta for more mugs of beer. We met a couple of guys from Morocco and played foos ball with them. Eventually I met Carlo, and Italian from Naples of whom I spoke with at length about Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.  
Rebecca and I went back to the dorm around 1am. We went to our respective beds and tried to sleep. Jet lag is usually pretty bad the first few days, and you can't really sleep the first few nights. So we both laid in our beds in our phone, eventually started To text each other. We were sharing rooms with 6 other people, so we had to be quiet. In the quiet of the room, I accidentally farted. We both were trying to silently laugh so hard, but we were in tears laughing. Via text we decide to get up and walk around some more.  

Wandering around Berlin at night is quite a delight. In our wanderings we hear some bass / house music playing. Using our ears, we hunt down the music. We find a little underground club and ask if we can go in. Three euros later were in a little room listening to some of the best tech house I've heard. People stared at us as we danced our assess off, to them this music I assume is normal. For us it was a tasty treat  and we couldn't get enough! Around 3 or something we decide to go back to our hostel and knock out.  

Third day in Berlin was all about museums and checking out what was left of the Berlin Wall. We went to the Jewish museums and a few other spots . There is SO much about the holocaust that I had no idea about. Sadly the parts I didn't know was pretty much many of the people involved in the holocaust got away with their crimes . In facta big portion of Germany at the time wanted to go on as if nothing happened and stop talking about it, so many knew about the deaths and no one did a thing. It was 15 years later when the trials began against the various labor camps. 
There were so many witnesses and yet the guilt could only be pinned on a few. The hate of the Jews has gone on long before the holocaust and mostly for religious reasons, one of them being the Christians accusing Jews of killing babies during Passover. Anyways there was a lot to be learned about the history of Germany and the wall that was built and then torn down pretty surreal all around. It was an emotionally draining day, but cool still to seent all.  Later in the evening we visited an American friend Nathanial ( my music partner David Alexander's brother) who lives in Berlin. We had some beers at different bars, and adventures around a little bit. It was fun, but an early night.  

We switched hostels and got closer to our favorite bridge and river. We rented bikes again and adventures off to spree park. A theme park that was closed down in the 90s right after the Berlin Wall came down. There are still rides, and portions of the park left. Bicycling  around it was a highlight of the trip. There is even a Ferris wheel there still that still moves and makes an creepy sound as it goes round. Hours were spent riding our bikes in the luscious Berlin forest. The weather was so prefect the whole time we we're there I was even able to wear shorts!!  
I wandered to a park and played some ukulele there, some small children danced to my music with massive smiles. An old man came up and sang along to my music and gave me some cough drops as a payment lol  

The night came around and we decided to wander around some more our favorite. As we walked we heard live music. We walked down stairs into a big open area. There was a group of guys and a Dj playing music. ( in German ofc) they were rapping and singing and playing guitar. I asked them if I might play a few songs. They let me!! I played guitar and sang two and found a great enjoyment watching the smiling faces and bodies as they rocked back and forth to my tunes. It was such a big delightful high! Continuing on we found a whole long street of clubs. Everywhere you looked there was tagging or street art I'm not sure what people from Germany call it. But it was everywhere and it was glorious. Everywhere we went was another club with an interesting entrance, and tagging painted all on the outside . People were everywhere going to the various places, drinking and being loud. We did this for a while then eventually headed back to our hostel. 

In Berlin there are picnic tables am outside of every store and most hostels. People just sit outside ( weather permitting) and drink beer, talking each other. I notice people aren't obsessed and all up in their cell phones. Instead they enjoy the company of one another it is a delight. Siting outside there for a while seems fun, and that's just what we did. Minutes later 4 people came to sit with us. Their were two girls from Dresden and a two men one cross dresser and another dude who I'm not sure what his story was. For hours we sat there talking about life, and our different cultures. There was so much laughing that night . More and more people came by our picnic table, talked and sat with us for a while and then left . It was probably the best night I felt we had in Berlin. 

Marathon day!! Rebecca ran the Berlin marathon in representation of The Farm sanctuary. A sanctuary that rescues animals  from factories and give them a good life. She raised a bunch of funds for them and was pretty much the whole basis of why we went to Europe. Waking up at 5am was pretty easy this day, we hopped on a Train and went to the start line. Rebecca ran the race while I cheered. There was sooo much support from Berlin. So many people were cheering along the whole entire race. Seeing so much support was truly amazing and moved me to tears multiple times.  
I felt bad no cheering at times, but I was like "hey! I'm pride crying for you" ha!  

After the race was finished , we wandered around Berlin some more. Found a place where they have a swimming pool right next to the river. I went for a swim and to my disappointment found it was freaking freezing!! Watching the sunset from poolside was however a delight. As I watched the sun go down I couldn't believe it was almost a week since we got to Europe. The next day we would be leaving to Amsterdam and off to much more adventure. I smiled as the sunset and closed my eyes swaying to the music playing off in a distance. Eight weeks left and nine more countries to visit. I want to cherish every single day and moment as best I can. 

Leaving on a Jet Plane ! 

Today I will board a plane and fly to Europe with my very best friend Rebecca. The initial plan was just for adventure. Then stuff got serious! Rebecca will be running a marathon in Berlin to raise money for the Farm sanctuary! She has also added some half marathons along the rest of the trip. Ill be doing a 6k in portugal, and perhaps a half marathon with her in Italy. Because...why not right??

We are visiting 10 countries, In two months. Here is the awesome list below 
Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Beligium ,Ireland, and London! Phew what a long list right? So awesome! This is definitly a dream come true for the both of us. My plan is to bring my ukulele (uku-bay-bay) and busk in the streets of every country that we go to. I am also in the midsts of trying to find some shows and open mic nights. 

I met loads of people last time I was touring in Europe. This time we get to stay with some of those people and reunite! 

Our frist stop is Berlin, Germany where we will stay for 6 days. I am gearing up my heart to get ready for the 16 hour flight that is ahead of me. I have done these long flight before, but its really not something that I get used to! I can't really sleep on the plane, so I will probably watch a zillion movies and take advantage of the free alcohol served ;) 

I wil post every single country i go to ! so stay tuned ya ll! 

Until we meet in Berlin :) 


Hello there!

My apologies for being away from you for so long, but a three month tour to Europe can take a lot out of you! 

When I arrived home i had 2 dollars to my name!! Rebuidling a life at home was a little rough, thank GOD I have an awesome family that ensured I was fed and had a place to sleep :)

Europe was amazing in a nutshell I must say. I know I didn't post any blogs from then until this point , but I decided to start NOW! I will be posting a series of blogs about how I survived Europe. The first portion is featured below, it talks about the first leg of my journey to Amsterdam. 

I will also  let you know whats on with me currently. David  Alexander and I are back at it in the studio trying to come up with our next album , which of course is going to take some time. But more importantly we are working on our live set, and are currently booking upcoming shows for the fall! We are aiming to play in Los Angeles area of course, but we are also planning on playing in places like San Francisco and San Diego as well. 

I will be playing various open mic nights during the week at different venues, stay updated on my Facebook page !

Please like my page here if you haven't already!


Stay tuned for more updates! Until then, check out the first portion of my "HOW I SURVIVED EUROPE " series 


Leaving for Europe was a roller coaster of emotions as people always say. I was quite scared to go to Europe for 3 months on my own, but received much encouragement from friends, and an offer to stay with a  a friend for FREE in Amsterdam as a home base as long as I wanted. Riding my bike down the streets in Reseda to go to my job, I pondered in my mind the possibilities of what it would be like to go there. To play shows there, how scary that would be alone, how much would it cost ? I thought...I could die any day anything could happen to me at any time, should I cease the day? should I stay or should I go? A few moments later as I rode on a car hit me from the side, I jumped off my bike somehow in an instant. My bike crashed into a telephone pole. I stood there shaking ,staring into the sky , frozen. The guy got out of the car, and kept asking if I was okay . I couldnt hear anything, it was as if the world silenced, and all I could think was ," Praise the Lord, and Im going to Europe!!!" Thankfully i wasn't injured ,just shaken up, I knew then for certain I was going to Europe!

That night I bought my plane ticket with all the money I'd saved up from lifeguarding all summer. I bought my ticket for a three month span, decided that I would just figure out where to go as I went a long. I knew a few people in different countries, and I trusted that it would work out for me. Where there is a will, there is a way. As the days approached I spent time with family and friends of all types. My cd release show was amazingly packed with people, I was busy with last minute errands. But I was very emotional. Change always scares me, leaving my family one of those changes I fear particularly. As a Californian I seriously feared the cold, I was going to Europe in the winter. Also a 15 hour flight to boot was another 

I packed, and counted down to the last day, and suddenly it was the day and we were all at the airport. There were some tears, and some over the luggage I had overpacked and had to leave :/ But in the end I excitedly got onto the plane smiling. SO excited, ready to face the world, I got onto the plane. 

About 12 hours later I arrived In Instabul ,Turkey for my lay over. I recall I saw the most beautiful sunset 

I would fly to Amsterdam from there. It was one of the most confusing stations that I have ever been to! In all airports that I have been to, there are multiple signs telling you what time your flight is leaving , if its on time, what gate etc. This place had ONE board , and it loaded as time passed, so not everyones flight information would be listed. This however was quite hard for me to figure out. I was wearing flip flops and shorts (i get really hot on flights!) people were looking at me like I was crazy. I walked around and they had a delicious turkish delight store , in which they sold many flavors and had TONS of free samples...mmm!!!! 

I spoke with a young woman who was going to a small country in Turkey where she went to school. She wore a scarf around her hair, and said that she decided on her own to keep her hair hidden though she didn't have to. She was very curious girl, asked me many questions. I gave her my cd, and a bushiness card that has all my links and told her to listen to my music. She was so happy and honored to have been given a cd, she thanked me profusely. We chatted until I had to go to my gate (which I had finally managed to figure out) 

I boarded my flight to Amsterdam when it was dark, this turned out to be the most turbulence I'd ever faced. 


Jesse Brett -friend! Host!

Alexandria (Allee) Brett -Friend! Host!

The 'sleeping bag jacket' i wore for 3 months

Arrival to amsterdam, after traveling for almost 24 hours was a wonderful thing. We did have to carry  my luggage about 1 mile (seemed like 20 miles ) from the train station to get the  apartment where I would be staying. Amsterdam at first sight was a little overwhelming. All the big historical buildings everywhere as soon as you step out of the train station, and people everywhere , drinking beer! As soon as I arrived Allee and her husband Jesse were waiting for me at the airport. Jesse promptly told me of a store that we would be stopping by to grab some 50 cent beers. I was tired, yet very hyper from the excitement for arriving so to beers it was. The common store in Amsterdam is called "Albter Heinz" a store I would end up frequenting the whole trip. I right away noticed that everything was of course in dutch, all the food in the stores, looked weird, and I had no idea what anything said. But thankfully beer doesn't need much of a label, we grabbed a few and went on our journey to the apartment.

As I first time euro traveler, I will say, i definitly think I brought just a LITTLE TOO MUCH stuff. Two bags , a backpack, a guitar and a piano. I insisted that I needed to bring all my recording music equipment as well as my electric guitar and keyboard. The electric guitar was best because well, I didn't have an acoustic guitar, and I planned to tap dance and play guitar at the same time. So needless to say, there was a ton of stuff, that would definitly present a problem that rest of the trip. ha! 
As we drank beers, and walked toward the apartment I was so excited. My life for the next three months could be anything that I wanted it to be, I was my own boss with an agenda. Play music and have fun traveling! We went back to the apartment where I promptly fell asleep and snoring rather loudly as Allee would mention later. 

Her apartment was student living as she was going to school, and there was a really neat looking building with a  great view of the sunsets. 

view of Funen Park


out for drinks with friends

this was my land mark to find home

My first few days in Europe were spent adventuring around and checking out the sights, I was SO thankful that there was a little bit of sun as well. I was feeling withdrawals from the warmth and sunshine! It was so very cold in Amsterdam, 0 degrees! I was wearing a huge jacket, that I dubbed "the sleeping bag jacket" a joke that makes all forgeiners laugh. Amsterdams streets and buildings are so unique and breathtaking that I felt like I was walking around in a fake reality. As if I stepped into a dream, much of Europe ends up feeling like that. I spent the next few days exploring Amsterdam with my friends, not spending almost a single dime. Walking around and looking at the cities was beautiful enough. who needed to pay to go into some "sex museum" or whatever else? The nature alone was surreal, trees and plants that were so different from home. A city surrounded by canals , that you can get lost in so easily. I was SO tired and so jet lagged though, that I had to take a few naps per day ha! 

I decided to purchase groceries right of the bat, I had a very limited fund, and surviving for three months was going tone tricky. Grocery stores in Amsterdam are a lot smaller then the ones that I am used to at home. nothing was in english, so it wasn't always easy to figure out what something was. But I got a few items that i would survive on. A majority of what I ate those next few weeks would be mostly cheese, bread and beer. Sometimes I would skip the meals, and just have beer. ha! Its filling! I call it Beer dinner. 

So my first show was coming up just a few days after I arrived in Amsterdam and I wanted to make certain that I would be able to find the place safely. So I pack up my stuff, and I go to find the venue the night before my show to meet the owner. So many nerves had taken over once I got to Europe, it was like I was preforming for the very first time in my life jitters. Being in a foreign country, I didn't have any cell phone service at all, but  had to depend on rouge wifi ( Iater became a champ at guessing passwords ) so I didn't have a map or any gps system. Trying to be smart, i just took some photos of directions and maps then was on my way. 

Of course i got lost RIGHT AWAY! The very first street I stop on, I get lost and have no clue as to where I am or how to get back to where I was.  I wander for about 30 mins, asking people for directions who keep pointing me in the wrong way. It was hard enough to ask, "Hello sir do you know where the street "Roostenburrgerstraat is?" How you even proncouce that?!?! Most people didn't even know where the street was anyway I said it or showed them the photo of my map. 

Feeling so angry I stop and look up into the sky,  I could see the moon poking out of the heavy cloud that always hang out in Amsterdam. I was feeling defeated , lost , stupid, then I realized....YOUR STUPID RHIANA! Who CARES if you are lost? Who CARES that I have NO idea where I was...! I AM in EUROPE! The whole point is to see the place, what better way then to be lost. Instead of being lost, I started exploring. I stopped at ol Alby Henz got me some 50 cent beers, put some music on my iPhone and biked along singing. Suddenly, I noticed that there was a metro, and that this metro station had a map on it! I was saved!! I used these maps to eventually lead me to the place that I was going CCs Muzik Cafe. 

This whole journey had taken about 3 hours time to find so it was already about 2am when I got to the place and it was closed. My high spirits burst as soon as I realized that, still I  sulked over to the front door. A light inside me lit when i realized there were still lights on in the place! I knocked on the door.  My thoughts were " I didn't come THIS far to just turn around! I want to see this place, ask questions about the show tomorrow!" I knocked loudly again, this time I heard a voice 
"Hello, who is there"
"Its me Rhiana, I emailed you about coming to look at the place"
the door opens.
The owner Renee opens the door, a big stout man, with a gentle smile opens the door and welcomes me in. I tell him that I've been wondering lost for the last 3 hours, and he laughs at me. His girlfriend, (whose name slips my mind) was there as well behind the bar smiles and welcomes me as well. She is Italian and glad to hear that I am as well. (even though is may only be a mere 25%) He pours me a beer, a Heineken off of the tap. He tells me that this is where Heineken is made, and that this is the best place Ill ever have it. Boy was he right, it was quite delicious! The three of us chatted for a few hours, we talked about life , America, and Amsterdam, and of course about my show the next day. It was hours before I headed back home on my bike with a huge smile on my face.

Riding my bike through the streets , i knew them a little better now after having been lost on them for three hours. I found my way back home easily thankfully. There was such a beautiful acoustic through out Amsterdam because of the closeness of the buildings. I found myself singing softly and hearing such a lovely echo ,I continued on my bike ride singing the whole way home. When I heard someone yelling, telling me to wait for him. For some reason although it was about 430 in the morning, I wasn't afraid and I waited for him. He told me he had heard me singing while he was under the bridge and came after me to tell me he loved my singing. I thanked him, and gave him one of my cds. He thanked me whole heartily as if I had given him a thousand dollars. A cd for him!? We bid our goodbyes and I was on my way to my temporary home in Funen Park, Amsterdam. 

The next day was show day! I woke up in the afternoon, and went for a run around the city. Thankfully, I didn't get lost this time as I just ran in one direction and ran the same exact way to get back. I decided that these little daily runs would help me to get around the city a bit better. Allee and Jesse would be coming with me to the show that night, I was filled with excitement for them to share it with me, and because they would ensure I didn't get lost. 

The show went really well and though there weren't THAT many people, the people who were there enjoyed it. I played with two different acts , one acoustic set by a chap from London,Paul Murray  and another band a group of Italian guys called Boxerin Club . They smoked a lot and spoke a little English, we had a few laughs together and I called it a night. The next day I would be flying to Portugal. It was such an amazing feeling that just a week prior I had been at home working, now I was In Europe, where everyday there was something new and fun to look forward to doing.

Stat tuned for my next blog-- PORTUGAL!!  
  1. The WKND

European Tour Announced!!!! 

I am so VERY excited to announce that come Feb 2015 I will be heading on tour to Europe! 

My 5 song EP -S.O.L.A.S-Safety of Life At Sea will be in stores come January 2015, and that means I need to get on the road and show people this music!! 
I have lived in California my whole entire life almost, with a few stints living in other zones. But as ever , I have been playing shows, promoting, booking, managing and all that jazz trying to make it in the music industry over here. 

Ive decided its time for a change of pace for me, and to try and make it or break it in Europe. I will be living in Amsterdam for 3 months, and playing shows ALL over Europe and the UK  I have a few dates already, but more details will be released as dates are confirmed. I leave Feb 5th and come back May 5th :)

Please stay tuned as I venture upon another journey across seas to try and follow my dreams as a musician! My ultimate goal is to play music and travel while spreading hope , joy and love! That is exactly what I get to do and I am SO stoked! I appreciate you keeping me in your prayers and thoughts, and keep my songs in your musical devices :) 

Special thanks to Lillipop Fauxtography for the photo used on the flyer below, as well as al the photos I have used as R.A.L! She is truly an amazing and gifted artist :)

Until next time!!! 

Rhiana Alana Lewis


Hey there everyone!

Thank you to all the people that read , and liked my first blog! I can't tell you how cool it is to see that people from all over the world are reading about my music :) YAH! 

So a bunch of stuff is going on in my musical world, and of course I want to keep you in the loop! 


This Sunday I am going to be on Radio Tomares 92.0 FM a radio sation in SPAIN! I am so super stoked for this opportunity to just talk a  little bit about my project, and to share song of my songs with you! I have given Radio Tomares a few exclusive tracks that are YET TO BE RELEASED. This will be the only time that you can hear them before I release them of course. It will be at 10am Spain time and 2am our time, I dont expect that many of you will be awake at that time but no matter! You can listen to it later online :) Ill be interviewed by friend and old roomie Maria from aboard the cruise ship that I was living on. We had some GREAT times whilst we lived aboard the ship, before I moved back to California and her Spain.Im  Bubbling with excitement to be interviewed by her!



Next, Im am pleased to announce my first performance!! That is right, Ill be playing at a fund raiser that is being called "Lillypalooza" on November 16th with many other acts! 
Now what is "Lillypalooza"? It is a fund raiser for a dear friend of mine Lilly Hernandez who is need of a Kidney :(


  Lilly is the sweetest, most kind hearted person I have probably ever met. Even through her pain and struggling she has kept a smile on her face, and continues to fight diligently. She needs your help to survives! All the proceeds from this benefit will be gong to directly to Lilly's living expenses as it is hard for her to work in her condition. 


Photo of me with Lilly <3 


Thats right the single "The WKND" is now available on iTunes, amazon, Spotify, iheartradio, and many more places! One of the coolest things that I found is that now 
"The WKND" is on Shazam! When you "Shazam" a song (which is basically recording the track on your phone for a second) it tells you who the artist is, and where you can find there music etc. Perfect for people that hear a song on the radio and want to know who it is, bam shazam. Im pretty sure most people know what this is, but just incase you didn't there is my high school education description of it. (ok some college) The rest of the album "SOLAS-SAfety of life at Sea" has a tentative release date of 12/13/14 as well as a HUGE EP release party, you are definitly going to want to stay tuned for that! 

I also wanted to tell you guys about the awesome experience I had a few weeks ago performing for The Abilities Club at Los Angeles Valley College! The club hosted an open mic night and thankfully I as able to get on the bill and play a few acoustic songs. I played the song "Before you Know it" off of my upcoming album "Solas" but the acoustic version. The event hosted by Frazer Smith of KLOS was a hodge podge of talent from poetry and comedy to acoustic acts and full bands. I received such a warm round of applause and support by all in attendance, that it brought goose bumps to my skin and joy to my heart. I look forward to performing again at the next open mic night, or any event that they have! Check out their Facebook group and support the cause! 

The Abilities Club 

The Abilites Club (of Los Angeles Valley College)

R.A.L rocking out acoustic style

Alright folks that is all the news that I have for you today! But I would like to direct you to my many social media outlets , follow me on twitter, instagram , youtube and Facebook by scrolling up to the home page and clicking on the icon! Make sure to come out on Nov 16th to see me preform my single 'The WKND' as well as more super secret track,and come support my girl Lilly !! 


Who is R.A.L? 

Yo Yo yo!! What up my name is Rhiana Alana Lewis, aka R.A.L I was born and raised in a pretty ghetto style life in Sylmar/San Fernando area. 
Raised with 6 other siblings growing up (a total of 11 siblings to date) was pretty difficult in the financial regions, so toys, and extra stuff really wasn't in our agenda. (nor was a second bathroom) However playing outside and using our imaginations was, and this is how I became a singer/musician.  I can recall to this day forcing my family to watch whatever song it was that I had made up , whilst dancing with a mop ha!

Ever singing, and loving music I didn't really realize that I was a musician until i picked up my first guitar. My step father was gifted a guitar for his birthday, and whilst he was away at work, I began picking it up and playing it. Curious how even then after never playing guitar, it felt so natural to me. He eventually gave me that guitar (Carlos) and I made that thing my husband. After learning how to shred on guitar, and basically kick ass and take names, I wanted to learn how to play other instruments. So I did, self taught too baby! Practice makes perfect! Literally hole yourself up in a room for a few months and practice music, then watch what happens. With pure love, passion and the grace of God I can play multiple instruments proficiently. 

So I continued in the musical world, starting playing my first shows as an acoustic act at local coffee shop Buffalo Bruces in Sylmar, Ca. From then I was in all kinds of projects, here are my main babes  (bae ) from the years.





I played in so many different genres, so many different shows all over California and parts of Oregon, Florida /Bahamas.  But I realized at a certain point that it was really hard for me to always be working with others, because I had so much music inside me, and I could play ALL the instruments. SO I decided to invest in my own equipment and start recording my own stuff. Making electronic music was a big dream of mine, although I was always playing in bands and rock music, I LOVE electronic music and was really itching to play in that genre. 

I met producer David Alexander and that was where my path into the electronic world really got started. David had heard me play and had a plethora of techno tracks in mind for me to sing on. We met and and from there started writing techno and house tracks. Our writing was really fun, we would spend 8 hours a day or more writing beats , loops, melodies etc, but we never really finished anything to release. This went on for a year, and then I went to work for a cruise line on a ship for three months in the Bahamas /Florida and things changed vastly for the better. 

While I was away, both David and I continued to write music. While I was away I felt a series of emotions that was like one of the craziest roller coasters that I have EVER ridden. From utter happiness to fear and sadness in a days time, it led to me writing A LOT of poetry as well as music. Since you work 10 hours a day 7 days a week on the ship, I was left to sing instead of play instruments and ended up write many a cappella songs.

When I got home from the ship, I purchased what I needed to record and began to write furiously recording every part, vocals, beats, live instruments and then sent the music to David. He was inspired by the music right away and fixed it up for me, added sounds beats, effects, and when he sent it back to me I about fell off of my chair. I LOVED it. Thus SOLAS-safety of life at sea (a story of life at sea ) was born. I decided it would be the first album I would release as a solo artist, and I would feature David Alexander on every single one.  

The first song that I decided to release was the track -The WKND , and I decided what better way to release it then with an awesome video! 

The Lyrics and melody for "The WKND" were written a cappella while I was living aboard the cruise ship. When I got home, David presented me with an instrumental that he had written. When I listened to it, it went perfect with the lyrics/melody that I had written! We knew this song was a hit and decided that it would be the first single that we would release. 



The rest of SOLAS will be released later this year. Some day also we will be releasing some techno -house tracks I promise !!! RIGHT DAVID?? lol 

SO Who is R.A.L? RAL is me! Just some regular ass chick that has been gifted with the talents to play music. I truly believe that we all have some gift or something that we are good at and meant to do while we are alive!!

Using your talents IS giving back to world, and its what we were meant to do to live harmoniously! If we were all doing what we were good at, and meant to do The World would be a happier place. But following your dreams is hard these days, and I See that it is hard to believe in your self and take that leap. But I truly believe that because this is what I WAS MEANT for , that I WILL make it.

So follow me as I fight my ass off for what I believe in and what I love. I do my own songwriting, booking, managing, promoting, you name it!! If you want to help me too, and do any of the above things let me know! 

" To know your purpose, is to have one. " ,  "Life is not worth living, without something to die for. " -R.A.L

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Playing an open mic night at El Cid. come on down, enjoy all the other acts as well as an acoustic set by yours truly ;)